Empowering You in Mind Body & Spirit

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Empowering you in MBS

Empowering You in Mind, Body & Spirit

In this hour you will be empowered with great interviews and information to inspire your daily living. Self empowerment is what we all need help with, from how we see ourselves to how we let others see us. This hour is open to the changes that will be given, and you can allow it to turn your life into what you have always desired it to be.

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Annie van Eijkeren

This year Annemieke Celebrates being in Practice for 21 years, and over that time she has built a construction of what is now a Solid All round Holistic Practice, in which she is not only a Facilitator of many Modalities from several continents and walks of life, but also a Spiritual Trainer and Coach, a Teacher, Public Speaker, and Minister of Universal Life Church.. 

Born an Empath as well as an Intuitive Psychic Medium, she did many studies and is a Certified Alround Holistic Therapist, in which she uses all of her Psychic gifts. She is Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, etc. “reads” pictures and items ( psychometry), sees “movies” and images in her Mind’s Eye, also “hears” the Celestial Beings speak. She can sense Emotions as well as Emotional and Physical Pain, sickness etc. She performs Cardreadings, uses the Pendulum, and does House Clearings, helping you to get rid of any Energies and Entities bothering you

Your Greatest Self has been waiting your whole life : don't make it wait any longer." Dr. Steve Maraboli

Loving youself Empowers you to make better choices, which makes for a better life. ~Mandy Hale~