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The Art of Connecting Spiritually - Volume 1: The Battle Between Brain and Heart (Soul Shackles Book 7) By Robert Jirda

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Your opinion matters, but how do you share it with others in a way that gets the best possible results? 

Rejection, humiliation and even abuse can easily be prevented if you learn how to talk to people. Through good communication you bring into your life wealth and fulfilled desires as you connect with others and let them help you.

Who is this book for? Everyone. Combining science and spirituality, the science of brain and behaviour and the knowledge of chakras, within these pages lies locked the secret understanding of your own heart. 

Are you an author of written content? Learn the secret of how to make your writing more appealing and harder to forget. Grab your audience and keep their attention. 

  • Are you in business? Learn how to ensure your business associates get you.
  • Are you a man (or a woman) with a dream? Learn to share it in a way that lets others help you make your dream come true.
  • Don’t worry if you weren’t mentioned in the examples above. Find your own purpose and the book will help you to achieve it.
  • Learn how to share your opinion with others and connect.


From the scientifically proven methods that utilize your brain’s natural learning patterns to the recognition of your repeating spiritual patterns, this book will guide you to an understanding of your relationships in a way that you would never have expected. 

Communicate through chakras for clearer response. 

  • Find out what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) can teach you about the different languages men and women speak.
  • Learn how it is possible that flat or house you live in can affect your relationship.
  • Discover the closely-guarded secret of the brain-stimulating pattern my books follow, to help you communicate more clearly to anyone. 


The old and the new knowledge combined 

Compare the findings of scientific brain studies on learning and reacting to the ages-old wisdom of chakras. To those who have followed the Soul Shackles Series from the beginning it should not come as any surprise to see the similarities. Connect your brain and improve your efficiency in learning, creating and communicating with others. Learn the secret of why induction and inter-balancing complicates our communication with the people closest to us and makes our relationships unique.

  1.  Understand how alternative therapies really work and what to expect from them.
  2. Learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which even spies and government agencies are using every day.
  3. Understand the concept of universal love and why it is crucial to you whenever you meet anyone.
  4. Learn about spontaneous telepathy and how to recognise it and use it. 

You will find all this and much more in the first volume of this series that helps you to connect spiritually. So scroll up and click Buy Now and start learning how to avoid embarrassment and get the life you desire, as you learn to ask for what you want in the right way and have others finally understand you.


Depression: Everyday Choice Between Life and Death (Soul Shackles Book 4) By Robert Jirda, Trypheyna McShane

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Here's How Depression And Anxiety Can Actually Help You Find Inner Peace and Total Abundance 

What if there was a way to use the source of your depression to create positivity and overwhelming abundance in your life? Well, there is a way and this book will show you how. 

Here's what you can expect to learn: 

  • Why there is always more than one reason behind depression.
  • How to deal with panic attacks, anxiety, and other ailments associated with depression
  • Why Reiki and NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) provide the most holistic approach to depression
  • How to utilize the amazing power of the chakras as part of your healing journey
  • Why and How Chakras Affect Your Health and Behaviour


This book shows you:  

  • Exactly how depression takes hold on you, and what you can do about it now 
  • How to follow the footsteps of power and successful people who have overcome depression 
  • Why making one simple choice can turn your life around make your depression a positive influence in your life  


You Can Do It! 

This book guarantees that you can create immense beauty from the dark light of depression. This book from Robert Jirda's acclaimed Soul Shackles series will challenge your ideas about depression and help you see the practical use of spirituality in the healing of depression. Using knowledge of the Vedic chakra system, the elements of your life that previously seemed bleak and lost will now help you to overcome depression and live a life of abundance.


Addictions, Sex, Violence and Abuse: Understanding Through The Eyes Of The Mystic (Soul Shackles Book 3) By Robert Jirda

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Addictions. Sex. Violence. Abuse.


These words come with strong emotion. 

Why does God allow bad things to happen to us? Do we deserve the pain and suffering or is there a way to do things differently and live a happier life?


In this book, Robert Jirda shows you the answers you are looking for. Some of you will undoubtedly find it shocking to suggest that there is a place for abuse in this world. And that great good can come out of your suffering.


A Reiki Master Healer with over 20 years of energy healing experience and insight into energy work, he is sharing his understanding in simplest way possible to allow you to free yourself from the trap you yourself helped to build.


Following the previous title, the Chakra Owner's Manual, this next volume in the Soul Shackles series brings you insight into chakras and how they influence your behaviour toward addiction. You will discover the secret behind irresistible sexual appetites. What lies behind the pretty face of a nymphomaniac? Is a playboy chasing women or a thrill?


You will be even offered a short insight on the way your thoughts create reality. 

Addictions and destructive behaviour 

Are we only slaves toour own bodies and the old Vedic chakra system? It surely seems there is more than one way addictions and destructive behaviour patterns are sustained.

  •  Comfort sex
  • The good, bad and ugly side of the story behind your appetites.
  • Food Disorders
  • Can you find the link between the Freudian psychology of the last century and ancient Vedic wisdom of chakras?
  • Abuse, smoking and narcotics
  • Abuse has many forms. Gain insight into smoking, drugs, hard substance abuse and relationships
  • Gangs


What is the true reason behind the rise of violent behaviour we are experiencing and how can you protect yourself? 


Delve deep into a world where everything has a reason, where pain is only a gateway to greater happiness. Discover what you never even considered possible, the freedom of the wisdom and knowledge of how you are being manipulated.


How to Sink the Rumour Mill: Coping With Gossip and False Accusations (Soul Shackles Book 9) By Robert Jirda

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Have you ever been accused falsely?


Rumours, Gossips, False Accusations… Either of those events can dramatically change the course of your life and leave everlasting scars. Yes, it can be painful to hear lies about yourself. But…


Let me show you the real truth behind the rumours. Learn not just to cope, but to twist the fate and turn unpleasant into a positive outcome in the light of knowledge that will change your life forever!

In to the readers of previous titles already familiar, practical and to the point format, you can look forward the perhaps shocking revelation behind the purpose of emotional pain. 

  • Can you heal yourself through service to others and if you chose to do so, what should you be wary of?
  • Do you prefer to find the solace in the arms of your lover?
  • Or perhaps you are a cat person to hide from the unforgiving world for a while in the embrace of animal kingdom?


Whether you are struggling with a rumour right now, or you suspect you might need the advice in the future, "How to Sink the Rumour Mill" is offering you unusually deep look at what is really happening and what to do about it.

Do yourself a favour and avoid the unnecessary pain. Scroll up and click buy now button right now!


Money and Abundance Creation: Manifesting With Chakras Explained (Soul Shackles Book 5) By Robert Jirda

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Start manifesting your true heart's desires in a single day


In the latest addition to the Soul Shackles Series, Robert Jirda brings you insight on how you can easily manifest your desires and dreams through your chakras, and make them part of your everyday life.

Written in enjoyable and easy to follow language, this book will draw you into the story of your own life in a way you never thought about before.


What is your dream? 

…and where lies that contribution to the world that you feel you could offer if you were just given a chance? Adjust your attitude only slightly and suddenly you will find yourself in a whole new world. Many people talk about the importance of attitude; in this book you can actually read a practical example of the path to follow to your own success.

This is the magical switch that makes your dreams not only possible, but pretty much inevitable.


The power of the people 

  • Find out how your friends, colleagues and even strangers contribute to your success or failure, and how to make this work for you. 
  • Manifesting through chakras 
  • Follow the flow of energy that travels though your chakras and learn how it manifests into matter.


A practical example to show you the way

Would you like to know how really great authors and speakers make their work count? Follow Robert step by step as he takes the intangible idea of a book (though it could be any other type of idea as well) and makes it flow through the chakras into material world, bringing it to you as a finished project.


You hold that very creation in your hands… now learn how you can do the same thing!


Useful tips


From advice on how to “sleep your way to success” (and no, it’s definitely not what you think!) to the idea of "smart goals", there are plenty of useful tips in this book to help you along the path toward manifesting your dreams.


Bonus! Two experts on manifesting


As a special bonus, included are extra thoughts on manifesting, kindly shared with you here by Richard Lee McKim Jr, and Scot Conway, both published authors with a vast wealth of knowledge on the subject.


Manifesting Perfect Relationships: What Can Chakras Teach You About True Love? (Soul Shackles Book 6) By Robert Jirda

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Have you ever thought about what's really driving your relationship choices?


Would you like to learn the shocking truth about the hidden dark side behind why we choose our partners? Would you like to have control over the unconscious relationship processes that will enable you to create the romantic outcomes you desire?

If so, then his book will give you an in-depth understanding of romantic interactions from a spiritual and chakric viewpoint. The book will show you:


The ultimate reason you choose your partners 

  • The real reasons we stick with the wrong partners for too long
  • The spiritual and chakric dimensions of romantic partnerships
  • Discover your subtle, hidden agendas and motives and what you can do to change your life around
  • Is true love just a myth?
  • How can you help your struggling friend?
  • What to do when you suspect a relationship will end in violence or even murder?
  • Get this book now and you'll find answers to some of the most perplexing relationship questions:
  • Why relationships remain individual
  • How and why the chakras affect your relationships
  • Why you shouldn't judge the behavior of romantic partners in the presence of their peers
  • Why your partner acts differently around you than when he or she is around someone else. It will surprise you to know it has nothing to do with dishonesty
  • Is your partner always late, even when he knows how much you depend on him or her to be on time? Find out where those annoying quirks that drive you crazy come from!
  • Delve deep into your mind and emotions to discover once and for all:
  • How to make your relationships last


The three simple steps to creating truly meaningful, fulfilling and spiritual relationships that will make Paris and Helen of Troy jealous and green with envy

 How to live like Romeo and Juliet (minus the poison)


All these answers and many, many more await you inside Manifesting Perfect Relationships.

Don't hesitate to discover these secrets. Every moment that passes is a moment you could be spending in the perfect relationship, and that is something your heart cannot afford to lose. So scroll up and click Buy Now in order to get started on a new romantic path most people only ever dream could be possible.

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How to Simplify Your Life By Robert Jirda, Thordur Bergmann, Liara Covert

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Practical tools from five international self-help authors, coaches and broadcast personalities to help you say goodbye to stress and strain and hello to a brand new life! Why getting started with daily meditation is so important, and simpler than you think.

The vital role nature plays in our lives. Navigating life's emotional storms with ease. And much more... This book will give you the how and why for a brighter, easier tomorrow.

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Chakra Owner's Manual: Advanced User Manual For The Spiritual Knowledge Seeker (Soul Shackles Book 2) By Robert Jirda

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What is it that binds your soul? Do you wonder what is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Find your answers with the Soul Shackles Series. Volume Two, the start of the Soul Shackles Series brings you insight on chakras. 

What the Author says about the book and the series

"I believe in the power of understanding. It isn't just knowledge, it is the sum of our understanding that makes us do things differently. I craft each and every one of my books to bring you easy to read, enjoyable and reliable sources of knowledge, to challenge your old ways of thinking and help you to understand...

Spirituality is only as good as your practical ability to put it to use in your life. Understand and improve your life." 

Are chakras controlling your life?

Find out what the term chakra stands for, how do chakras work and... how you can use them to your advantage.

Understand the subtle influence over your behaviour that no one talks about. Improve your health and success with this well received, simple to follow book in less than a day... 

The Soul Shackles Series

of books came to life as an excerpt from the See Your Soul Series originally posted on a blog I write for ReikiEnergyHealing.org 

While spiritual environmentalism, the way spiritual concepts reflect on our surroundings and our surroundings reflect back on our lives is a very extensive topic, I came to realize that maybe, just maybe you could be interested in how it all starts for us. 

For you, for me, for your daughter or your dog.

You could say that everything begins with a thought. Ancient texts reflect from their time a wisdom of ages we are only just now beginning to rediscover.


Psychologists talk about childhood traumas. What they forget to mention is very physical reason behind your problems and unexplainable behavior.


With this book, I would like to take you on a journey

to see something old, something new, something borrowed... and something blue. And no, we are not talking about marriage here. Read on and you will shortly understand...

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