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Mark Romero - 30 October 2014

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Mark Romero, is a internationally renowned Sound Healer, Energy Expert and Transformational Leader. His music has been scientifically proven to raise the vibration of listeners lifting them above the negative influences in their environment, and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back from creating more harmonious and purposeful lives.


Through the masterful combination of his music, energy transmissions and transformational processes, Mark has helped thousands of people around the world move past their blocks and barriers and step into their unlimited power and ability to create more successful and fulfilling lives.

Janet Russell - 16 October 2014

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Janet Russell has been doing psychic readings for the past forty years. After a near death experience in 1993, she found that she had a renewed gift for communicating with people who have passed over. Janet is known worldwide for her insight, credibility and on target predictions. She is psychic medium, spiritual advisor and television host for one of New York’s top cable access programs titled Beyond the Unexplained. The show has been seen across the country for years.


Janet has made guest appearances on many cable programs with interviews that range from her predictions for future events to communicating messages from people who have passed over. She has also co-hosted radio programs on the paranormal as well as television specials in Britain. She recently expanded the scope of Beyond the Unexplained by launching two new televised shows titled When Spirits Connect and The Spirits Within.


She has worked with police investigators on such cases as the infamous Katie Beers kidnapping, a case where a nine year old girl was miraculously found alive seventeen days later. Janet had been the only psychic to state that Katie was chained by the neck, describing the area where Katie was being held. Janet has also worked with the New York Police Department on several murder cases during her career.

Teresa Keenen 9 October 2014

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Teresa Keenen came into the full awareness of her true purpose in her life when she was goingthrough a very traumatic and stressful time in her life. She had always felt the urge to help others and wanted to be a nurse, but Source/God and her higher self obviously had other ideas. Besides being a beautiful psychic Teresa is a Rahanni teacher/practitioner, Reiki teacher/master/practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist, Sound and crystal therapist, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist ( Dolores Cannon Method ) Past life regressions, and Spiritual awareness instructor.


Teresa purpose in life is to spread the word about healing and unconditional love, and to assist in your personal healing process.

Judy Graybill - 2 October 2014

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Judy Graybill is a Change Agent who leads people to find clarity, resolution, and empowerment by breaking down the complex into practical strategies. She has a thirst for knowledge, asking “Why?” and “How can I use this in my life?”


Her first success story was herself. After reaching her lowest point struggling to make ends meet and have a home, Judy transformed her life starting inside herself. Her advanced degree is in Sociology. She is also a Certified Stepfamily Coach, speaker, and writer. Her clients’ praises include being “knowledgeable”, “honest”, and giving them “peace of mind”. 


Visit her website now to connect with Judy.