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Addictions, Sex, Violence and Abuse: Understanding Through The Eyes Of The Mystic (Soul Shackles Book 3) By Robert Jirda

Posted by Jon Green on September 17, 2014 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Addictions. Sex. Violence. Abuse.


These words come with strong emotion. 

Why does God allow bad things to happen to us? Do we deserve the pain and suffering or is there a way to do things differently and live a happier life?


In this book, Robert Jirda shows you the answers you are looking for. Some of you will undoubtedly find it shocking to suggest that there is a place for abuse in this world. And that great good can come out of your suffering.


A Reiki Master Healer with over 20 years of energy healing experience and insight into energy work, he is sharing his understanding in simplest way possible to allow you to free yourself from the trap you yourself helped to build.


Following the previous title, the Chakra Owner's Manual, this next volume in the Soul Shackles series brings you insight into chakras and how they influence your behaviour toward addiction. You will discover the secret behind irresistible sexual appetites. What lies behind the pretty face of a nymphomaniac? Is a playboy chasing women or a thrill?


You will be even offered a short insight on the way your thoughts create reality. 

Addictions and destructive behaviour 

Are we only slaves toour own bodies and the old Vedic chakra system? It surely seems there is more than one way addictions and destructive behaviour patterns are sustained.

  •  Comfort sex
  • The good, bad and ugly side of the story behind your appetites.
  • Food Disorders
  • Can you find the link between the Freudian psychology of the last century and ancient Vedic wisdom of chakras?
  • Abuse, smoking and narcotics
  • Abuse has many forms. Gain insight into smoking, drugs, hard substance abuse and relationships
  • Gangs


What is the true reason behind the rise of violent behaviour we are experiencing and how can you protect yourself? 


Delve deep into a world where everything has a reason, where pain is only a gateway to greater happiness. Discover what you never even considered possible, the freedom of the wisdom and knowledge of how you are being manipulated.