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Teresa Keenen 9 October 2014

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Teresa Keenen came into the full awareness of her true purpose in her life when she was goingthrough a very traumatic and stressful time in her life. She had always felt the urge to help others and wanted to be a nurse, but Source/God and her higher self obviously had other ideas. Besides being a beautiful psychic Teresa is a Rahanni teacher/practitioner, Reiki teacher/master/practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapist, Sound and crystal therapist, Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist ( Dolores Cannon Method ) Past life regressions, and Spiritual awareness instructor.


Teresa purpose in life is to spread the word about healing and unconditional love, and to assist in your personal healing process.

Chakra Owner's Manual: Advanced User Manual For The Spiritual Knowledge Seeker (Soul Shackles Book 2) By Robert Jirda

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What is it that binds your soul? Do you wonder what is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Find your answers with the Soul Shackles Series. Volume Two, the start of the Soul Shackles Series brings you insight on chakras. 

What the Author says about the book and the series

"I believe in the power of understanding. It isn't just knowledge, it is the sum of our understanding that makes us do things differently. I craft each and every one of my books to bring you easy to read, enjoyable and reliable sources of knowledge, to challenge your old ways of thinking and help you to understand...

Spirituality is only as good as your practical ability to put it to use in your life. Understand and improve your life." 

Are chakras controlling your life?

Find out what the term chakra stands for, how do chakras work and... how you can use them to your advantage.

Understand the subtle influence over your behaviour that no one talks about. Improve your health and success with this well received, simple to follow book in less than a day... 

The Soul Shackles Series

of books came to life as an excerpt from the See Your Soul Series originally posted on a blog I write for ReikiEnergyHealing.org 

While spiritual environmentalism, the way spiritual concepts reflect on our surroundings and our surroundings reflect back on our lives is a very extensive topic, I came to realize that maybe, just maybe you could be interested in how it all starts for us. 

For you, for me, for your daughter or your dog.

You could say that everything begins with a thought. Ancient texts reflect from their time a wisdom of ages we are only just now beginning to rediscover.


Psychologists talk about childhood traumas. What they forget to mention is very physical reason behind your problems and unexplainable behavior.


With this book, I would like to take you on a journey

to see something old, something new, something borrowed... and something blue. And no, we are not talking about marriage here. Read on and you will shortly understand...

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