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Manifesting Perfect Relationships: What Can Chakras Teach You About True Love? (Soul Shackles Book 6) By Robert Jirda

Posted by Jon Green on September 17, 2014 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever thought about what's really driving your relationship choices?


Would you like to learn the shocking truth about the hidden dark side behind why we choose our partners? Would you like to have control over the unconscious relationship processes that will enable you to create the romantic outcomes you desire?

If so, then his book will give you an in-depth understanding of romantic interactions from a spiritual and chakric viewpoint. The book will show you:


The ultimate reason you choose your partners 

  • The real reasons we stick with the wrong partners for too long
  • The spiritual and chakric dimensions of romantic partnerships
  • Discover your subtle, hidden agendas and motives and what you can do to change your life around
  • Is true love just a myth?
  • How can you help your struggling friend?
  • What to do when you suspect a relationship will end in violence or even murder?
  • Get this book now and you'll find answers to some of the most perplexing relationship questions:
  • Why relationships remain individual
  • How and why the chakras affect your relationships
  • Why you shouldn't judge the behavior of romantic partners in the presence of their peers
  • Why your partner acts differently around you than when he or she is around someone else. It will surprise you to know it has nothing to do with dishonesty
  • Is your partner always late, even when he knows how much you depend on him or her to be on time? Find out where those annoying quirks that drive you crazy come from!
  • Delve deep into your mind and emotions to discover once and for all:
  • How to make your relationships last


The three simple steps to creating truly meaningful, fulfilling and spiritual relationships that will make Paris and Helen of Troy jealous and green with envy

 How to live like Romeo and Juliet (minus the poison)


All these answers and many, many more await you inside Manifesting Perfect Relationships.

Don't hesitate to discover these secrets. Every moment that passes is a moment you could be spending in the perfect relationship, and that is something your heart cannot afford to lose. So scroll up and click Buy Now in order to get started on a new romantic path most people only ever dream could be possible.

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