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The Art of Connecting Spiritually - Volume 1: The Battle Between Brain and Heart (Soul Shackles Book 7) By Robert Jirda

Posted by Jon Green on September 17, 2014 at 12:55 PM

Your opinion matters, but how do you share it with others in a way that gets the best possible results? 

Rejection, humiliation and even abuse can easily be prevented if you learn how to talk to people. Through good communication you bring into your life wealth and fulfilled desires as you connect with others and let them help you.

Who is this book for? Everyone. Combining science and spirituality, the science of brain and behaviour and the knowledge of chakras, within these pages lies locked the secret understanding of your own heart. 

Are you an author of written content? Learn the secret of how to make your writing more appealing and harder to forget. Grab your audience and keep their attention. 

  • Are you in business? Learn how to ensure your business associates get you.
  • Are you a man (or a woman) with a dream? Learn to share it in a way that lets others help you make your dream come true.
  • Don’t worry if you weren’t mentioned in the examples above. Find your own purpose and the book will help you to achieve it.
  • Learn how to share your opinion with others and connect.


From the scientifically proven methods that utilize your brain’s natural learning patterns to the recognition of your repeating spiritual patterns, this book will guide you to an understanding of your relationships in a way that you would never have expected. 

Communicate through chakras for clearer response. 

  • Find out what NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) can teach you about the different languages men and women speak.
  • Learn how it is possible that flat or house you live in can affect your relationship.
  • Discover the closely-guarded secret of the brain-stimulating pattern my books follow, to help you communicate more clearly to anyone. 


The old and the new knowledge combined 

Compare the findings of scientific brain studies on learning and reacting to the ages-old wisdom of chakras. To those who have followed the Soul Shackles Series from the beginning it should not come as any surprise to see the similarities. Connect your brain and improve your efficiency in learning, creating and communicating with others. Learn the secret of why induction and inter-balancing complicates our communication with the people closest to us and makes our relationships unique.

  1.  Understand how alternative therapies really work and what to expect from them.
  2. Learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which even spies and government agencies are using every day.
  3. Understand the concept of universal love and why it is crucial to you whenever you meet anyone.
  4. Learn about spontaneous telepathy and how to recognise it and use it. 

You will find all this and much more in the first volume of this series that helps you to connect spiritually. So scroll up and click Buy Now and start learning how to avoid embarrassment and get the life you desire, as you learn to ask for what you want in the right way and have others finally understand you.


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