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Real power lies in the doing : taking action into your day.

Posted by Annie van Eijkeren on September 24, 2014 at 5:05 PM

We are often very good at wishing and hoping then wonder why we are not getting what we want out of life. Wishing and hoping are both valuable pre-requisites but real power lies in the doing. Here are ten reasons why you should include taking action into your day:


1. Taking action enhances self belief. It provides you with evidence that Yes! I can do this!


2. Accomplishment makes you a stronger person. You will become used to doing what needs to be done and carry a sense of personal pride.


3. Taking action erases stress. I don’t know anyone who loves the state of procrastination.


4. Taking action erases feelings of regret. You won’t be left thinking ‘if only’, nor will you miss any opportunity that comes with taking action.


5. You let go of ‘wondering’ and embrace ‘knowing’. You will have proof that you can do it along with the benefits gained by taking action.


6. You’ll learn. Taking action teaches you ‘on the job’. Regardless of your result, you still get a result!


7. You will see fear is often an illusion. Mostly, fear does not develop into a tangible threat; it only resides in our mind.


8. You will ignite the Law of Attraction. Remember, like attracts like. You act, the Universe acts too.


9. Achieving is a buzz. You will carry a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.


10. You will desire to take action again, tomorrow. You’ve done it, you’ve broken through barriers of fear, procrastination, self doubt or laziness and it feels amazing! You know you are capable, you know you are stronger than your fears; you know inaction gets you nowhere. You will more easily and effortlessly move into taking action again, when necessary!

~Coach Bobbi Chegwyn~

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