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BLOG Empowering You Show october 2 - 2014, guest Judy Graybill.

Posted by Annie van Eijkeren on October 3, 2014 at 4:10 PM

BLOG Empowering You Show october 2 - 2014 with guest Judy Graybill.


Relisten the show HERE (starts at 1.18 hour mark) :




First broadcast !!!

Judy is a Change Agent who leads people to find clarity, resolution, and Empowerment by breaking down the complex matters into practical strategies, which is what we all want so that we get what is going on!


After having reached her lowest point Judy changed her life and started from inside herself.

This knowledgeble, honest and giving lady has many diploma's and certifications, she knows how to create peace of mind.


Today's topic is stepfamilies, stepparents, stepchildren, te exes, how this all can create many angles and issues, and discussing several ways of how to Empower people to deal with this the best way possible for their situation.


People could call live in to the show, and we had 2 callers who received most wonderful help from Judy.

Want to know the details of these 2 stories ? Relisten the show ! Judy gives them some amazing advice !


70% of all stepfamilies fail .... Having come out of a disfunctional relationship in a stepfamily Judy came in touch with The Stepfamily Foundation through which she decided to become a Stepfamily Coach.

Now she helps many stepfamilies to avoid breakups with her Special Coachingskills.


Although she doesn't necessarily always meets with the children involved she does try to help them first and formost, as the children are more often then not the point stepfamilies break apart over. Blending different parentingstyles is a very big issue during the coaching sessions. Talking to the children can be a very enlightning and Empowering experience in the process, as they are usually very perceptive when observing the adults fight, and can help out the therapist by painting the situation in a very simple uncomplicated way.

Judy also has experience in working with stepfamilies who have an autistic child.


It's a new approach, a new "recepy", a new set of tools used for every family that asks for her help, as the needs are very specific every time again for that one special new family. Research has shown that there are 66 different forms of stepfamilies, not to speak of different backgrounds, characters, educationlevels etc.


Over time Judy has developped a Special Formula for her coaching. This way she deals with the 3 most important items causing problems in stepfamilies : 1) the exes, 2) Parenting Styles, 3) money.

Listen to the show to learn what it is and how it works !!!

And also : How difficult is it for a parent, man or woman, to see a "stranger" take care of their child at least part of the week, hearing afterwards what they have done with them and the parent has missed out on. This can be simple things like going to the hairdressers and deciding on a new hairdo, getting swimminglessons or even their diploma, a schoolperformance, helping them with their homework .....

At what point can and should stepparents and biological parents meet and communicate about these things?


So if you would like to have help with your situation please go to Judy Graybill's website to contact her there.

She can be reached at http://stepfamilycoach.com/



Thank you for listening to the show and visiting our webpage http://empoweringyou-in-mbs.webs.com/


Your Host Annemieke van Eijkeren



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