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The Empowering You Show oct 9, 2014 with Teresa Keenan !

Posted by Annie van Eijkeren on October 11, 2014 at 2:45 PM

The Empowering You Show blog 2 oct 9 - 2014, with amazing guest Teresa Keenan and Annie van Eijkeren, your Host !


In this extremely interesting and Empowering show many questions in the Psychic Realms are answered !!!

Teresa even does an exercise with the audience to Empower them to experience how energy feels ....


Listen to this show to get Empowerd by the answers to many questions and find out about several modalities that Teresa Keenan works with.

(skip recording till 1.20 hrs)




Teresa Keenan is a beautifully gifted Psychic, a Rahanni Teacher, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Sound- and Crystal Therapy Practitioner, and as a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist she performs Regression Therapy, also she is a Spiritual Awareness Instructor.

Teresa is here for you to assist in your personal Spiritual Healing and guide you on your path with all the tools she has at her disposal. She is a real great Therapist who is very knowledgable and very experienced in many areas, and she transfers all that into her sessions to Empower her clients. During the show Teresa explains how it can be prevented that blockages happen again after first having been removed, and how people can be Empowered to be in charge of their lives and own mental and physical Wellbeing again.


In her own lovely way Teresa answers questions like :

* How do we block ourselves, rather then that the blockages are created through outside energies ?

* What is Regression Therapy and how does it work ? Is it scary ?

* Will I remember from the Regression what I saw about my past lives ? How does this heal me ?

* How are Karma and Karmic Debts connected to Regression Sessions ?

* What is Rahanni Healing? Is it like Reiki ? If not what is it then ?

* What kind of a feeling does a Rahanni Healing give you ?

* Can Rahanni, like Reiki, also be done remote ? And can the Rahanni attunement be done remote ?


* What Wedding Packages does Teresa offer ?

* Indian Head Massage ? What is that ? How does that work ? What does it do ? Am I going to fall asleep during it ?


* Whats is Integrated Energy Therapy, where does it come from, how does it work ?

* If during a session the negative energies are removed, does it leave a void ?


* Is being an Empath something that only a few have, or is it something everybody has in them ?



If you have questions about this show please go to http://empoweringyou-in-mbs.webs.com/ and leave me a message there.

Please allow 48 hours to respond due to time difference.


Theresa can be reached at :

Her Website : http://www.rahannilove.com

On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rahannilove/



Thank you for listening to the Empowering You Show !


Your Host Annie van Eijkeren

Website : http://crystallinetherapies.com/

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